JNJ Brochure

< Example of software which enables the client to track process What makes us different ? We are aware that engaging the services of a builder is often a big decision, involving considerable expense. It is therefore so important that a good relationship is established between client and contractor, with a high degree of trust in place. Our operating practices establish trust and engender strong working relationships. For example: Communication > We provide a full detailed schedule of works, with a client log to track progress > All projects begin with a pre-start meeting where we clearly lay out working hours, the payment schedule, materials supplied by the client with timelines > We have a WhatsApp group for each project which enables the client to have direct access to the project manager > We hold weekly meetings with the client to discuss progress and make any necessary adjustments Operating Standards > We have a check process in place to monitor standards throughout projects, enabling us to make any changes quickly and efficiently > Our team are trained in the importance of client etiquette and are always professional and courteous > We are so proud of our end products and finishes, and are equally proud of the experience we provide in reaching the end product Payment > We operate a payment plan system which protects the client and enables us to run our projects efficiently > Our payment plan system spreads payments over weekly increments subject to the progress of the project, ensuring the client hasn’t paid for work in advance of it being carried out